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Collection Guides: Emily Todd Collection, 1990-2022

Emily Todd Collection, 1990-2022

Westfield State University Archives

Collection Guide

Emily Todd Collection, 1990-2022

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Emily Todd was the founding Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS) at Westfield State University from June 2018 until that department was eliminated in 2022.

Biographical information from NewsWise article “Dr. Emily Todd named founding dean” by Troy Watkins, June 28, 2018 (

Dr. Todd joined the University in 1999 as an assistant professor. She was promoted to associate professor in 2005 and full professor in 2010, when she also began her tenure as department chair. She co-founded the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning on campus in 2000 and later served as its coordinator. Dr. Todd also oversaw the internship program for the Department of English, and worked with the College of Graduate and Continuing Education to coordinate and provide assistance for the English Department’s graduate program offerings.

Dr. Todd participated in numerous administrative, academic, planning, and search committees during her time at Westfield State. In addition, she has published several articles and presented widely in her field. She also co-edited a collection of essays entitled Transatlantic Stowe: Harriet Beecher Stowe and European Culture (U of Iowa P, 2006).

Prior to joining Westfield State, Dr. Todd held part-time teaching positions at Northwestern University, Loyola University (Chicago), and the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Todd graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in American studies from Amherst College; earned a M.Phil. in Scottish literature from St. Andrews University in Scotland; and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Minnesota.

After departing Westfield State University, Dr. Todd became the new Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Eastern Connecticut State University in July 2022.


This collection includes an assortment of materials that Emily donated before she left the University. These include communications related to the English Department before she joined Westfield State College in 1999, event schedules for CAHSS and the Faculty Center (of which she was co-founder and coordinator), and newsletters from before and during her tenure as the English Department Chair (beginning in 2010).

The collection also includes presentations, event posters, and promotional materials (postcards, brochures, stationary, lanyard) for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS), of which Dr. Todd became founding dean in 2018.


This collection arrived in no particular order and is arranged into five sub-series, approximately by date (when determinable):

  1. Correspondence/Communications/Policies (1990-2022)
  2. Events Schedules (2008-2021)
  3. Newsletters/Articles (2011-2017)
  4. CGCE and CAHSS Promotional Materials (c. 2018-2022)
  5. CAHSS Presentations (pre-Spring 2019-August 2021)

The bulk of the collection is housed Box 1 (4B-11-1) in seven folders. A promotional CAHSS ballpoint pen and neck lanyard are housed separately in Box 2 (4B-11-2), and a full-size event poster is housed with others in the Poster Box (7A-2-2).

Access Restrictions



The Westfield State University Archives also holds letters from Dr. Todd related to the English Department from October 2012-May 2013 (2 letters), and the Faculty Center from September 2006-May 2008 (178 letters). This correspondence is in the following locations:

8B –4 –1: “Material Collected June 2012-May 2013” Record Group: Academic Departments.

           Folder 14: Academic Departments, English, October 15, 2012-March 7, 2013. [1 letter]

           Folder 16: Academic Departments, English, April 15-May 27, 2013. [1 letter]

6A –7 –1: “Material Collected from 2006-2007” Record Group: Faculty and Staff.

Folder 68: Faculty Center, September-October, 2006. [28 letters]

Folder 69: Faculty Center, November-December, 2006. [21 letters]

Folder 70: Faculty Center, January-February, 2007. Accession # 2011.10. [2 letters]

6A –8 –2: “Material Collected 2007-2008” Record Group: Faculty and Staff.

                Folder 34: Evening with Campus Authors, Nov. 7, 2007-Feb 6, 2008. [5 letters]

Folder 35: Faculty Center, Aug. 15-Sept. 17, 2007. [9 letters]

Folder 36: Faculty Center, Sept. 17-25, 2007. [10 letters]

Folder 37: Faculty Center, Sept. 26-Oct. 9, 2007. [10 letters]

Folder 38: Faculty Center, Oct. 9-18, 2007. [9 letters]

Folder 39: Faculty Center, Oct. 18-31, 2007. [7 letters]

Folder 40: Faculty Center, Nov. 1-21, 2007. [9 letters]

Folder 41: Faculty Center, Nov. 26-Dec. 13, 2007. [9 letters]

Folder 42: Faculty Center, Jan. 3-31, 2008. [7 letters]

Folder 43: Faculty Center, Feb. 4-14, 2008. [8 letters]

Folder 44: Faculty Center, Feb. 18-19, 2008. [2 letters]

Folder 45: Faculty Center, Feb. 19-28, 2008. [9 letters]

Folder 46: Faculty Center, March 4-18, 2008. [6 letters]

Folder 47: Faculty Center, March 19-26, 2008. [7 letters]

Folder 48: Faculty Center, April 1-13, 2008. [6 letters]

Folder 49: Faculty Center, April 14-23, 2008. [9 letters]

Folder 50: Faculty Center, April 24-May 3, 2008. [5 letters]


Container Listing

The bulk of the collection is located in the following areas:

Box 1: (4B-11-1)

Folder 1: Correspondence/Communications/Policies (1990-2022)

            - Memo: from William H. Lopes, Vice President, Academic Affairs; to the College Community, dated June 6, 1990. Includes transcript of Professor Katie Welch’s Commencement speech. [1 page (28 cm.)]

            - Booklet: “World Wide Web Page Policies & Procedures – Westfield State College.” Produced by Westfield State College Computer Center, Wilson Hall. In pen handwritten on front: “old polices – look out for new policies.” Date: after 1998. [1 booklet (22 cm.)]

            - Letter: from Weadé W. James, Ph.D.; (Senior Director, Development & Research; AACTE Staff Liaison, Committee on Research and Dissemination) to Dr. Carlin Borsheim-Black (Professor of English Education, Central Michigan University) and Dr. Sophia Tatiana Sarigianides (Professor of English Education, Westfield State University), dated January 6, 2022. Informing Drs. Borsheim-Black and Sarigianides that their book Letting Go of Literary Whiteness is the 2022 recipient of the AACTE Outstanding Book Award. [1 page (28 cm.)]

Folder 2: Events Schedules (2008-2021)

            - Faculty Center events and Coffee Hours: Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Spring 2010 [3 pages (28 cm.)]

            - CAHSS events: Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 [1 page (28 cm.)]

Folder 3: Newsletters/Articles (2011-2017)

            - Newsletters: English at Westfield: Vol. 5 No. 1: Spring 2011; Vol. 8 No. 1: Fall 2014; Vol. 9 No. 1: Spring 2017 [3 issues (28 cm.)]

            - Article by Meghan Brennan detailing attendance of four WSU English majors (Erin Slayton, Lily Whalen, Hannah Miller, Michelle Soel) at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Date and publication details currently unknown. [1 page (28 cm.)]

Folder 4: CGCE in English and CAHSS Promotional Materials (pre-Fall 2018-Spring 2022)

            - College of Graduate & Continuing Education (CGCE) Master of Arts in English promotional materials, pre-Fall 2018 [1 brochure (28 cm.); 2 information sheets (28 cm.)]

            - Mini-Poster for Douglass Day 2022 Transcribe-a-Thon featuring the Colored Conventions Project, February 14, 2022 [1 poster (28 cm.)]

            - Blank CAHSS letterhead stationary: blank notepad [22 cm.], letter paper [28 cm.], 12”x9” envelope [23 cm.]; no dates.

Folder 5: CAHSS Promotional Materials (pre-Fall 2018-Spring 2022)

            - CAHSS promotional postcards and brochures, pre-Fall 2018-Spring 2022 [15 items (10 cm.—22 cm.)]

Folder 6: CAHSS Presentation (Pre-Spring 2019)

            - “Opportunities in the Arts at Westfield State” [21 pages (22 cm.)]

Folder 7: CAHSS Presentations (Pre-Fall 2019-August 2021)

            - “CAHSS: The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences” [22 pages (22 cm.)]

            - “Overview of Departments in College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, with Points of Distinction.” Prepared by Dean Emily Todd for President Thompson, in preparation for tour on August 13, 2021 [13 pages (28 cm.)]

Box 2: (4B-11-2)

- Ballpoint pen; “Westfield State University College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.” [1 pen (15 cm.)]

- Lanyard; “Westfield State University College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.” [1 polyester lanyard (52 cm.)]

Poster Box: “Posters – 1969-Present”: (7A-2-2)

- Poster for “Equal Rights and Justice in a Challenging Season: Cross-Cultural Symposium – March 25, 2022.” [1 poster (43 cm.)]

Subject Headings

Women – Education (Higher) ; Women in higher education ; Education – United States

A. Searle, 2/9/23

577 Western Ave, Westfield, MA 01086

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