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Collection Guides: Carlson Collection, 1923-1934

Books and ephemera that belonged to Eva, Elsie and Mildred Carlson. All three sisters attended Westfield State Teachers College between the years 1923-1934.

Westfield State University Archives

Collection Guide

Carlson Collection, 1924-1934

Biographical Sketch

Eva, Elsie and Mildred Carlson were raised in Westfield, Massachusetts. All three sisters attended Westfield State Teachers College between the years 1923 – 1934.

Eva E Carlson

Eva E Carlson was born in January of 1903. As a student of Westfield State Teachers College, Eva was active on the debate team, the Drawing Committee, the Candy Committee and the Statistics Committee. Eva was also the Vice President of one of professor Miss Fickett’s Literary Club.

After graduating, Eva went on to live in Granby, Connecticut, where she helped found the Granby Salmon Brook Historical Society.

Elsie Carlson

Elsie Carlson was born five years after her sister Eva. Like her sister, Elsie was active on the Debate Team, and she was also a member of the Art Club. Elsie was talented at playing music and was a member of the Mandolin Club during her time at Westfield State Teachers College.

After graduating from WSTC, Elsie was on the Training School Faculty for Wyben Rural School, in Westfield, in 1931 and 1932.

Mildred Carlson

The youngest of the three sisters, Mildred Carlson was born five years after her sister Elsie. Mildred took after her sisters in joining the Art Club and a Literature Club called the Golden Key Club. Mildred was also involved in sports, becoming the secretary for the Women’s Athletic Association in 1933 and moving up to Vice President in 1934. In 1934, Mildred was an attendant of Roberta Wall, the May Queen for the school’s May Day celebration. Her talents also landed her a tap-dancing role in a school production of “42nd Street.”


This collection consists of thirty books owned by the Carlson sisters during their time as students at the Westfield State Teachers College. Included are handwritten notes found inside their books.


Paul Dewey, son of Eva E Carlson, was in possession of these materials. He donated them to the Westfield Historical Commission. This collection was then donated by the Westfield Historical Commission in February, 2020.


This collection consists of four series: Eva Carlson’s books, Elsie Carlson’s books, Mildred Carlson’s books, and books of Unknown Provenance. Each series is arranged alphabetically by last name of the author.

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Education – Higher – Massachusetts ; Education – Study and Teaching – Massachusetts ; Education – History ; Shorthand – Study and Teaching – Massachusetts ; Typewriting – Study and Teaching – Massachusetts ; Textbooks – Education – Higher – Massachusetts

Container Listing

Eva E Carlson’s Books:

Aldine Third Language Book : Language, Grammar, Composition for Grades Seven and Eight and Junior High Schools, by Frank E. Spaulding, Catherine T. Bryce, Huber Bray Buehler, published in1917 by Newson & Company, New York, NY.

Business Arithmetic by C.W. Sutton and N.J. Lennes, Ph.D., published in 1918 by Norwood Press, Norwood, MA.

Business English and Correspondence by Roy Davis and Clarence H Lingham, published in 1919 by The Athenaeum Press, Boston, MA.

The Elements of Geometry (Second Edition, Revised) by Henry W Keigwin, published in 1898 by Henry Holt and Company of New York, NY.

English for Grades 7, 8, 9 by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bulletin of the Board of Education, published in 1917 by Writer & Potter Printing Co., Boston, MA.

Handwritten letter written by Eva E Carlson, found inside Business English and Correspondence by Roy Davis and Clarence H Lingham.

Instruction and Drill Book by Arithmetic Aids, published in 1909 by The Practical Textbook Company.

Key to Modern Illustrative Bookkeeping (Revised) by William & Rogers Series, published in 1912 by American Book Company.

Library Service for Schools by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bulletin of the Department of Education, published in 1920 by Wright & Potter Printing Co., Boston, MA.

Massachusetts School Register for Westfield Normal Training School, attendance records from September 5th-November 3rd, 1922. Teachers: Mrs. E.K. Richardson and Eva E Carlson

Methods of Teaching Typewriting by Rupert P. SoRelle, published in 1919 by The Gregg Publishing Company. New York, NY.

The Palmer Method of Business Writing by A.N. Palmer, published in 1915 by the A.N. Palmer Company.

Palmer’s Penmanship Budget (Revised Edition) compiled by A.N. Palmer and C.J. Newcomb, published in 1822 by A.N. Palmer Company Publishers.

The Phonographic Amanuensis (Revised Edition) by Jerome B Howard, published in 1919 by The Phonographic Institute Company of Cincinnati, OH.

Plane and Solid Geometry (Revised Edition) by G.A. Wentworth, published in 1888 by The Athenaeum Press of Boston, MA.

Practical Mathematics Part III by Glenn M Hobbs, Ph.D., Edward B Waite, and John P Schroeter, published in 1924 by American School, Chicago, IL.

Practical Mathematics Part IV by Glenn M Hobbs, Ph.D. and Edward B Waite, revised by D. B. Tullis, published in 1923 by American School of Chicago, IL.

Preparation for Teaching History and Citizenship Grades I to VI by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bulletin of the Department of Education, published in 1912 by Wright & Potter Printing Co., Boston, MA.

Professional Ethics in Normal Schools by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bulletin of the Department of Education, published in 1920 by Wright & Potter Printing Co., Boston, MA.

Report of the Second Conference of Commercial Education Specialists by Glen Levin Swiggett, published in October, 1922 by Department of the Interior Bureau of Investigation.

Secretarial Studies, by Rupert P. Sorrelle and John Robert Gregg, Published in 1922 by The Gregg Publishing Company, New York, NY.

A Short Course in Commercial Law, by Frederick G. Nichols and Ralph E. Rogers, Published in 1913 by American Book Company, New York, NY.

Shorthand Dictation Drills edited by John Robert Gregg, published in 1917 by The Gregg Publishing Company.

Mildred J. Carlson’s Books:

An Introduction to Education (Revised Edition) by George Willard Frasier and Winfield D Armentrout, published in 1927 by Scott, Foresman and Company.

English Elements and Principles by Glen Arnold Grove, edited by Paul S Lomax and Seth B Carkin, published in 1931 by Prentice-Hall Inc.

Gregg Speed Studies (Anniversary Edition) by John Robert Gregg, published in 1929 by The Gregg Publishing Agency.

Handwritten letter by Mildred Carlson, found inside An Introduction to Education by George Willard Frasier and Winfield D Armentrout.

Teaching Arithmetic in the Intermediate Grades, by Robert Lee Morton, published in 1927 by Silver, Burdett and Company, New York, NY.

Ephemera found inside this book: Tag for Prima Donna gloves, contains helpful hint for putting on gloves.

Eat Wheaties and Keep in Training, Picture of “Skippy” in training.

Elsie Carlson’s Books:

Elements of Rhetoric and English Composition by G.R. Carpenter, Published in 1901 by The Macmillan Company, New York, NY.

How to Teach Reading, by Mary E. Pennell and Alice M. Cusack, Published in 1924 by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA.

Ephemera found in book: Forbes & Wallace, Inc. Mail Order Department [envelope]

New Composition and Rhetoric for Schools by Robert Herrick and Lindsay Todd Damon, published in 1911 by Scott, Foresman and Company of Chicago and New York.

The Vision of Sir Launfal and Other Poems, instruction and notes by Francis R Lane, published in 1900 by Norwood Press, Norwood, MA.

Lessons in English by Sara E Husted Lockwood, published in 1897 by Ginn & Company, Boston, MA.

Everyday Problems of the Country Teacher by Frank J Lowth, published in 1927 by Macmillan Company, New York, NY.

Practical Composition and Rhetoric by William Edward Mead, Ph.D., with cooperation of Wilbur Fisk Gordy, published in 1900 by Sibley and Ducker, Boston and Chicago.

The Essentials of Geometry by Webster Wells, published in 1901 by D.C. Heath & Co. Publishers, Boston, MA.

Unknown Provenance:

Practical Business Arithmetic by John H Moore and George W Miner, published in 1915 by The Athenaeum Press, Boston, MA.

The Problem and Practice Arithmetics, First Book, by David Eugene Smith, Eva May Luse and Edward Longworth Morss, Published in 1929 by Ginn and Company, Boston, MA.

The Silent Readers by William D Lewis, Ph.D., Albert Lindsay Rowland, Ph.D., and Ethel H Maltby Gehres, published in 1924 by The John C Winston Company.

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