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Collection Guides: Catherine A. Dower Irish Music Collection, 1800 - 1985

Catherin A. Dower Irish Music Collection, 1800 - 1985

Westfield State University Archives

Collection Guide

Catherine A. Dower Irish Music Collection, 1800 – 1985


Biographical Sketch

Dr. Catherine A. Dower was a vibrant member of the faculty at Westfield State College from January, 1956 until her retirement in 1990. She tirelessly served the college for 35 years. She taught music at the college and served on various boards and committees during her time here. She was the founder and director of the Young Artist Concert Series in 1987. She was named Professor Emerita at Westfield State College in 1993.

Dr. Dower received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamline University, St. Paul, MN in 1945. She was asked to teach at the Westfield State Teachers College as early as 1948 by President Edward Scanlon. She declined the invitation because she felt that she was not qualified to teach at the college level at that time.

Catherine Dower returned to college to pursue her graduate degree. She completed her graduate studies at Smith College. She received a degree of Master of Arts, majoring in music research. She was hired at Westfield State Teachers College in December of 1955 and began teaching as an assistant professor on January 23, 1956. She chaired the Music Department from 1956 until 1967.

Dr. Dower was director of the College Glee Club in the 1960’s. She took the club on trips to Washington, D.C. and New York. These were reciprocal concerts that brought the students from Washington, D.C. and New York to the Westfield State Teachers College.

The Glee Club held concerts on campus for many years. Musical events were an important part of student life. Some examples of the events that the Glee Club participated in are the commencement ceremony, the Cap and Gown Assembly, Class Day and the June Class Night Banquet. The June Class Night included a competition for the class song each year. This event was held during the last week of the college year.

She received a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 1968. She majored in Musicology at the Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. She was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in 1969 and to full Professor in 1972.

Dr. Catherine Dower spent the summer of 1969 researching at the Vatican Library in preparation for an article on Sistine Chapel choir books for MUSART and a follow up to the January – February and February – March 1969 articles on Sistine Chapel choir books at Catholic University.

She studied at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, the University of California, the Pius X School of Liturgical Music, Solesmes Abbey in France and Tanglewood, the Berkshire Music Center.

She researched the music of the Caribbean, especially Puerto Rican music, as well as Irish and Medieval music.

Dr. Catherine A. Dower was invited to participate in the Irish Studies Program at Westfield State College in 1981(?). As a result of this involvement she began to take an interest in Irish Classical Music. She discovered a lack of sources in the United States and went to Ireland to collect classical and traditional music sources. During her sabbatical, she compiled a catalog of these sources while collecting them.


The collection at Westfield State University Archives includes music of which large parts are photo copies of manuscripts. Also included in this collection are books, articles and booklets. The music represented in the collection includes eighteenth century music through the present day, both classical and traditional, with a few examples of early traditional music.


This collection was transferred from the Westfield State University Music Department in the summer of 2010.


This music collection is arranged alphabetically by composer and alphabetically by title if there is more than one work per composer. The catalog written by Dr. Dower can be found in box 1 of the collection. There are seven boxes that make up this collection.

The cassette tapes and recordings that are mentioned in the catalog are not present in this collection.

Access Restrictions

Access to this collection must comply with the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. code). Photocopying of this material is governed under this law and one of the specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be “used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research.” Westfield State University reserves the right to reject a copying order, if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve a violation of copyright law.

Related Material

Please see the Catherine A. Dower Collection for more information about Dr. Dower.


Musical Notation -- Ireland -- 20th century ; Music -- 20th century -- Ireland

Container List

Please note: An ms following an entry for a work signifies that it is a photocopy.

Box 1

Folder 1: Catalog of Irish Music, compiled by Catherine A. Dower.

Folder 2: Alleluia! Amen!  [Music for the Liturgy]. Margaret Daly, ed.  Dublin: Vertias Publications, 1978.

Folder 3: Alleluia! Amen! Supplement  [Music for the Liturgy]  Margaret Daly, ed. Carlow: Irish Institute of Pastoral Liturgy, 1981.

Folder 4: Barra, S. de.  An Tonn.  (SATB Choir)  Cork: Cumann Náisiúnta na gCór [CNC no. 1], 1981.

Folder 5: Becket, Brian.  Quentin. 1976.  (Wind quintet)  ms

Folder 6: Bodley, Seóirse.  A Chill Wind.  1977.  (SATB Choir)  ms

Folder 7: Bodley, Seóirse.  A Concert Mass.  1984.  ms

Folder 8: Bodley, Seóirse.  Hymn to St. John of God.  1978.  (Vocal score)  Dublin: Veritas Publications, 1979.

Folder 9: Bodley, Seóirse.  I Will Walk with My Love.  1980.  (SATB with divisions: 2 soprano soloists, alto solo or semi-chorus)  Cork: Cumann Náisiúnta na gCór [CNC no. 3], 1982.

Folder 10: Bodley, Seóirse,  Mass of Glory: Aifreanna Glóire.  Full score ed.  Dublin; Veritas Publications, 1981.

Folder 11: Bodley, Seóirse, Mass of Joy in Honor of St. John of God. 1978.  (Choir, congregation, trumpet, drums and organ)  Dublin: Veritas Publications, 1979.

Folder 12: Bodley, Seóirse.  Mass of Peace for Congregational Singing.  (Vocal score and full score, congregation and organ.)  Ireland: Irish Commission for Liturgy, 1976.

Folder 13: Bodley, Seóirse.  Narrow Road to the Deep North.  (2 pianos)  ms

Folder 14: Bodley, Seóirse.  A Passionate Love.  1985. (3 songs for mezzo-soprano and piano)  ms

Folder 15: Bodley, Seóirse.  The Radiant Moment  (6 songs, text by Thomas MacGreevy).  1979.  (SATB choir)  ms

Folder 16: Bodley, Seóirse.  A Small White Cloud Drifts Over Ireland.  1975.  (Orchestra)  ms

Box 2

Folder 1: Boydell, Brian.  Mouth Music for Ten Voices, op. 72, I & II.  1974.  (SSSSAATTBB choir) ms

Folder 2: Boydell, Brian.  Shielmartin Suite.  1959.  (Orchestra)  ms

Folder 3: Boydell, Brian.  The Small Bell: a cantata for chamber choir, string quartet, flute and harp.  1980.  ms

Folder 4: Boydell, Brian.  Three Madrigals, op. 60.  1967.  (1. O My Thoughts Surcrease ( on text by Sir Philip Sidney); 2. Who Shall Have My Fair Lady, (Anon., 15th century); 3. Adieu Darling (Anon., 16th century)).  (SSATB choir)  ms

Folder 5: Bromhead, Jerome de.  Motto Impetuo for Organ.  n.d.  ms

Folder 6: Bromhead, Jerome de.  String Quartet No. 2.  Ireland, Association of Irish Composers, n.d.

Folder 7: Buckley, John.  Brass Quintet.  1974.  ms

Folder 8: Buckley, John.  Fanfare for a city: Kilkenny.  1976.  (Band)  ms

Folder 9: Buckley, John.  Oileáin for Pianoms

Folder 10: Buckley, John.  Wind Quintet.  1976.  ms

Folder 11: Byers, David.  Moon-Shadows: Poems of Joseph Campbell.  1981.  (Mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble)  ms

Folder 12: Carolan, Turlough.  Six Compositions including Carolan’s Concerto Suitable for Harp or Piano.  Dublin: Walton Music Co., n.d.

Folder 13: Christian Burial Liturgy.  Carlow: Irish Institute of Pastoral Liturgy, 1975.  (Accompaniment book)

Folder 14: Corbett, James.  The Favourite Irish Melody of Gary Owen arranged as a Rondo for Pianoforte.  Limerick: Music Warehouse of Corbett.

Folder 15: Corbett, James.  Richmond Rondo for Piano.  [Photocopy of published score.  No publisher listed, n.d.]

Folder 16: Daly, Margaret.  St. Benedict Centenary Mass.  Carlow: Irish Institute of Pastoral Liturgy, 1980.

Folder 17: Field, John.  Nocturnes for the Piano, nos. I-VII. [no publisher, n.d.]

Folder 18: Field, John.  Nocturnes for the Piano, nos. III and V.  Franz Liszt, ed.; G. Schirmer.

Folder 19: Fleischmann, Aloys.  Cill Cals.  (SSA Choral in Gaelic and translation)  ms

Folder 20: Fleischmann, Aloys.  Four Fanfares for an Tostal.  1952.  (Band)  ms

Folder 21: Fleischmann, Aloys.  Introduction and Funeral March.  1961.  (Orchestra)  ms

Folder 22: Fleischmann, Aloys.  Kelly the Boy from Killann.  (TTBB)  ms

Folder 23: Fleischmann, Aloys.  Lament for Strings. (Elizabeth McDermott Roe) 1946.  ms

Folder 24: Fleischmann, Aloys.  Mass for Peace for unison choir and orchestra or organ.  1976.  ms

Folder 25: Fleischmann, Aloys.  Nochtrai (Nocturne) for Carillon.  1958.  ms

Box 3

Folder 1: Fleischmann, Aloys.  Overture: The Four Masters.  1944.  (Orchestra)  ms

Folder 2: Fleischmann, Aloys, (Muiris Ό Ronáin).  Piano Suite (Sreath Do Phiano).  1933.  London: J. & W. Chester, 1935.

Folder 3: Fleischmann, Aloys.  Poet in the Suburbs, text by Thomas Kinsella.  1973.  (SATB Choral)  London, Oxford University Press, 1976.

Folder 4: Fleischmann, Aloys.  Toccata for Carillon.  1958.  ms

Folder 5: Fleischmann, Aloys, (Muiris Ό Ronáin).  Trí Hamhráin. Dublin: An Gum, 1945. (3 songs for tenor in Gaelic)

Folder 6: Geary, Bernard. Canticle Mass of Saint Francis of Assisi.  (Solo unison choir or solo with organ)  Dun Laoghaire, Ireland: Glenprint, 1982.

Folder 7: Geary, Bernard.  Mass of Saint Finbarr.  1973.  (Solo, Choir and organ)  ms

Folder 8: Gilmore, Patrick.  Good News from Home.  (English vocal duets with pianoforte accompaniments, a selection of the most favorite compositions of the best English masters)  London: C. Sheard, n.d.

Folder 9 – 17: Green, Philip.   Saint Patrick’s Mass.   (solo voice, SATB, piano acc., arr. for chorus by George Mitchell.)  New York: Bourne, 1971.  [Missing part 6: Sanctus and Benedictus] 

Note:  8 folders: Introit, Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Preference, Our Father, Agnus Dei, The Lord is My Shepherd, Dismissal.

Folder 18: Harty, Hamilton.  The Fiddler of Dooney, text by W.B. Yeats.  (voice and piano)  England: Boosey, 1938.

Folder 19: Ireland, Francis. Jolly Bacchus:  Glee.  (SAB choral)  Dublin: Anne Lee, n.d.

Folder 20: Irish National Anthem, arr. by John Larchet.  Dublin: Piggott, 1953.  See:  National Anthem of Ireland.

Folder 21: Kelly, Michael.  Flora McDonald: ballad for voice and piano.  London: Royal Music Repository, No. 143;  National Library of Ireland, Additional No. 4692.

Folder 22: Kelly, Thomas C.  A Mass for Peace.  (SATB choral and organ)  Carlow: Irish Commission for Liturgy, 1976.

Folder 23: Kelly, Thomas C.  Mass in Gregorian Style / Mass of Peace.  (Mass card for congregation)  Dublin: Hosanna Publications; Veritas, 1973.

Folder 24: Kelly, Thomas C.  Mass in Honor of Our Lady of Loreto.  (SSA choir and organ)  Dun Laoghaire: Loreto Sisters, 1980.

Folder 25: Kinsella, John.  String Quartet No. 3.  n.d.  ms

Box 4

Folder 1: Mass of Our Lady of Lourdes, by Deiss, Decha, Lecot; Byzantine Pater Noster.  (choir, congregation, trumpet and organ)  Dublin: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes, 1980.

Folder 2: May, Frederick.  String Quartet in C Minor.  1935.  Dublin: Woodtown Music Publications, 1976.

Folder 3: McNulty, Daniel.  Mass of the Resurrection and the Life.  1975.  (SSA, TTB, unacc.)   Dublin: International Committee on English in the Liturgy, 1976. 

Folder 4: Murphy, Kevin.  Eternal God: for SATB choir and alto solo, opus 16.  [self-published], 1985.              + Correspondence to C. Dower from K. Murphy accompanying Eternal God, October 16, 1989.

Folder 5: National Anthem of Ireland.  Arr. by John F. Larchet.  (Orchestra)  Dublin: Pigott, 1953.

Folder 6: O’Brien, Vincent.  Ecce Sacerdos Magnus.  (TTBB choir)  ms

Folder 7: O’Brien, Vincent.  Mass in Honor of Our Lady of Lourdes.  (Fausbourdon of opening only) (SATB choir)  ms

Folder 8: O’Brien, Vincent.  Omnes Amici Mei.  (SATB choir)  ms

Folder 9: Ό Canaínn, Tomás.  Aifreann Cholmcille Mass in Gaelic.  (unison congregation and organ)  Dublin: Verital, 1978.

Folder 10: O’Carroll, Fintan P.  Aifreann in onoir muire, Mathair de (Mass in Honor of the Mother of God) Mass in Gaelic.  (Choir and congregation)  Dublin: The Irish Commission for Liturgy, 1975.

Folder 11: O’Carroll, Fintan P.  Mass of the Immaculate Conception.  (SATB choir and congregation mass card)  Dun Laoghaire: The Irish Commission for Liturgy, 1977.

Folder 12: Ό Gallchobhair, Éamonn.  Cor Na Siog (Gaelic).  (SATB choir)  ms

Folder 13: Ό Gallchobhair, Éamonn.  Crúibíní Muice (Gaelic), 1930.  (SSATB choir)  ms

Folder 14: Ό Riada, Seán.  Ceol Mairseala I gCóir Socraide.  1968. (military band, pipe band, solo piper)  ms

Folder 15:  Ό Riada, Seán. Hercules Dux Ferrariae, Nomos no. 1 for Strings.  1957.  Dublin: Woodtown Music, 1970.

Folder 16: Ό Suilleabhain, Micheál.  Concerto for Traditional Musician and String Orchestra. Commissioned by the Gorey Arts Festival, August 1979.  ms

Box 5

Folder 1: Potter, A. J.  The Arklow Mass.  1976.  (SSATB, congregation and organ)  ms

Folder 2: Potter A. J.  The Arklow Gloria.  (SSA, unison choir and congregation and organ)  ms

Folder 3: Potter, A. J.  The Catstone Cassation.  1979.  (Band)  ms

Folder 4: Potter, A. J. Céad Míle Bienvenues.  1972.  (Brass septet)  ms

Folder 5: Potter, A. J.  Chorale, Madrigal, Villanella.  1979.  (Brass quartet)  Note:  4 parts in 4 folders]  ms

Folder 6: Potter, A. J.  Clamos Cervi.  1979.  (SATB choir and organ and full score)  ms

Folder 7: Potter, A. J.  Cloch Chríostal for Brass Quintet.  1977.  ms

Folder 8: Potter, A. J.  Finnegan’s Wake.  (Version of 1956)  1979.  Note: 3 instrumentations in 3 folders: brass band, concert band and concert band with piano.]   ms

Folder 9: Potter, A. J.  Grâce des Chouans.  (Gaelic blessing)  1977.  (SATB choir)  ms

Folder 10: Potter, A. J.  Hail Mary.  1975.  (SATB choir)  ms

Folder 11: Potter A.  J.  Hail the Glass House.  1976. (Band)  ms

Folder 12: Potter, A. J.  Key of the Road March.  1957.  (Full band)  ms

Folder 13: Potter, A. J.  March Criadora.  1973.  (Full band)  ms

Folder 14: Potter, A. J.  Mass for Christian Unity.  (SATB choir, congregation and organ)  Ireland: Glenstal Abbey, 1977.

Folder 15: Potter, A. J.  Mass for Christian Unity.  (SATB, congregation and organ)  London: Ashdown, 1979.

Folder 16: Potter, A. J.  Mussed Up Mollie.  1979.  (Band)  ms

Folder 17: Potter, A. J.  Nisi Dominus.  1972.  (SATB choir and organ)  ms

Folder 18: Potter, A. J.  Nisi Quia Dominus.  1974.  (TTBB choir)  ms

Folder 19: Potter, A. J.  Quartet for Four Trombones.  (1. Chorale; 2. Madrigal; 3. Villanelle)  1979.  ms

Box 6

Folder 1: Potter, A. J.  Roisín Dubh.  1977.  (Band)  ms

Folder 2: Potter, A. J.  Sinfonia “De Profundis”.  1967-1968.  (Orchestra)  ms

Folder 3: Potter, A. J.  Songs: The Birds ( 1977), The Cuckoo (1978), A Ballad of Sociological Economics (1977).  (SA choir)  ms

Folder 4: Potter, A. J.  Symphony No. 2 “Ireland”.  1976.  (SATB choir)  Commissioned by the Irish American Cultural Institute, Saint Paul, Minnesota.  ms

Folder 5: Potter, A. J.  Ten Epigrams by Hilaire Belloc.  1967.  (SATB choir)  ms

Folder 6: The Soldier’s Song: The Irish National Anthem.  (Piano and vocal score)  Dublin: Walton’s Piano and Musical Instruments Galleries, 1950.

Folder 7: Stevenson, John.  Happy Love.  (glee)  (Partially adapted to Ladies’ voices)  (SAB)  Dublin: F. Rhames, 1800.

Folder 8: Stevenson, John.  Lord Cathcart’s March for Piano.  Dublin: W. Power, n.d.

Folder 9: Victory, Gerard.  Centaur for Trombone and Piano.  Vanderbeek & Imprie, 1985.

Folder 10: Victory, Gerard.  Marche Bizarre for Brass Band.  Vanderbeek & Imprie, 1985.

Folder 11: Victory, Gerard.  Mass of the Resurrection.  (choir, congregation and organ)  Dun Laoghaire, Ireland: Irish Commission for Liturgy, 1977.

Folder 12: Victory, Gerard.  Olympic Festival Overture.  1975.  (Orchestra)  ms

Folder 13: Victory, Gerard.  Orpheade.  1969.  (cantata for voice and chamber ensemble)  ms

Folder 14: Victory, Gerard.  Rondo in Reel Time.  (orchestra)  ms

Folder 15: Victory, Gerard.  Sliabh Geal gCua  (SATB choir)  Cork: Cumann Náisiunta Na gCór [CNC No. 4], 1982.

Folder 16: Wallace, William Ellerslie (of Galway).  Erin’s Lyre.  (Ballad for solo voice)  Dublin: Piggott, n.d.

Box 7

Folder 1: Wallace, William Vincent.  Souvenir du Tyrol.  (Piano)  (Copy of published work: no publisher, n.d.]

Folder 2: Wilson, James.  Alarums and Excursions.  (Alto saxophone and piano)  ms

Folder 3: Wilson, James.  Another Direction, op. 38.  1969.  (seven songs for soprano, clarinet and piano)  ms

Folder 4: Wilson, James.  Arlecchino for Flute. 1979.  ms

Folder 5: Wilson, James.  Burns Night.  (Song cycle)  1965.  (SATB choir)  ms

Folder 6: Wilson, James.  A Canticle for Christmas.  (set of 10 carols)  1967.  (Unison choir, amateur orchestra)  ms

Folder 7: Wilson, James.  Divisions for Four Trombones, op. 61.  1974.  ms

Folder 8: Wilson, James.  Irish Songs.  Association of Irish Composers, n.d.

Folder 9: Wilson, James.  Missa Brevis.  1973.  (Female voices and organ)  ms

Folder 10: Wilson, James.  Ode to Autumn.  1968.  (Soprano, flute and piano)  ms

Folder 11: Wilson, James.  Poem Sarda.  1958.  (Orchestra)  ms

Folder 12: Wilson, James.  Prelude, op. 67.  1976.  (Brass ensemble)  ms

Folder 13: Wilson, James.  Sonata for Cor Anglais and Piano.  1968.  ms

Folder 14: Wilson, James.  Sonata no. 2 for Violin and Piano, op. 50.  Association of Irish Composers, n.d.

Folder 15: Wilson, James.  Sonatina for Alto Flute and Piano.  1973.  ms

Folder 16: Wilson, James.  String Quartet.  Association of Irish Composers, n.d.

Folder 17: Wilson, James.  Tam O’Shanter.  n.d.  (SATB, piano and percussion)  ms

Folder 18: Wilson, James.  The Windhover for Soprano and Clarinet.  1979.  ms



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