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Citation Guides: Web Pages

Citing web pages in APA style

Web Pages


  • Author: Usually found at the top or bottom of the web page. Look for: Author, Compiler/Compiled by, Maintainer/Maintained by. If author is not available, begin your citation with the web page title.
  • Publication Date: Usually found at the end of the document. Use the last update if available. Use the copyright date if available. If the month and day are given, include them. If a publication date is not available, use n.d. (no date).
  • Web Page Title: Give the title of the web page here. If you are citing a specific article within a larger web site, give the title of the article and the name of the larger web site.
  • URL: "Uniform Resource Locator" is the web address of your document. It is found at the top right corner of your printout or in the "Location" bar on your web browser. Take care in transcribing the URL. Copying and pasting is recommended. Whenever possible, the URL should take the reader directly to the document you are citing. If this is not possible, the URL should take the reader as close to the document as possible.

Basic Format

Author, A. A. (Date of publication). Title of Page/Document. Retrieved from URL

Note: The title of the page/document is italicized.
Note: n.d. indicates that no publication date is available.


Web page without an author

GVU’s 8th WWW user survey. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Web page authored by an organization

Greater New Milford (Ct) Area Healthy Community 2000, Task Force on Teen and Adolescent Issues. (n.d.). Who has time for a family meal? You do! Retrieved from


Citing web pages in text

  • Citation includes author's name, year of publication, then page numbers if available.
  • If your source lacks an author, cite the first one or two words of the title.
  • If no date is given, place "n.d." after the author’s name.
  • note on page numbers: Web documents often don't have page numbers. When a web page lacks numbering, omit page numbers from your parenthetical references. Do not use page numbers generated on a print-out of the web document. PDF files found on the web will have page numbers however that can be used in a citation.

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