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Collection Guides: Westfield State University Student Government Association, 1925 - Present

Westfield State University Student Government Association, 1925 - Present


Westfield State University Archives

Student Government Association Collection

1925 – Present


Historical Sketch

The Student Government Association has a long standing tradition at Westfield State University. The first organization which was established in 1925 was called The Student Council. The first officers were installed on March 26, 1926. In the 1950’s the group’s name changed to The Student Senate. In 1992 advisor Barbara Hand made the suggestion that the name be changed to the Student Government Association. This name change brought the Westfield State College group in line with the same groups at other state colleges.


The collection includes minutes for the Student Senate, minutes for the Student Government Association, Student Senate Bulletins, handbooks, the Tabula Nova, and photographs. Included in this collection are newspaper clippings about various campus events that were sponsored by The Student Council, The Student Senate, and the Student Government Association.

Student Senate Bulletins from 1972 – 1973 (?) as well as the Tabula Nova which was a handbook published by the Student Senate during the 1975 – 1976 school year are included in this collection. The photographs in this collection were used in past yearbooks.

The minutes for the Student Senate and later the Student Government Association span the meetings held from the fall of 1990 and continue into the present. These documents are photocopies of the originals which are located in the Student Government Association office. These documents were photocopied and added to the archive in 2006. Starting in 2007 the minutes were put on the Student Government web site. The minutes are now printed from this web site.


This collection is in various locations and is filed primarily by date.


Access must be in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Container List

Student Council, 1933 (photograph)

Student Senate (1970 – 1973)

 Student Senate (1970 primarily)

Tabula Nova 1975 – 1976 (handbook)

Student Senate Minutes, Fall 1990 - May 1998 (10 boxes of documents) note: These are copies of the documents that are in the Student Government Office.   

Student Senate Minutes, September 1998 - May 2007 (9 boxes of documents) note: These are copies of the documents that are in the Student Government Office.   

Tabula Nova, 1972 – 1973 (handbook)

Tabula Nova, 1973 – 1974


WSC History 1950 – 1951 (announcement for Student Council President)

Triennials (postcard mailed to alumna)

Westfield Historical (Dance Card for Student Council Ball, June 3, 1955)

WSC Historical (Directory of Officers of Student Organizations)

Student Newspapers, Yearbooks, etc. (photograph of Student Council in 1938)

Photographs 1935 (Student Council 1935)

Scrapbook Number 2 - Photographs, 1926-1941

Photograph of Student Council, 1927

Photograph of Jeanette Rosengren Rep. to Student Council

Clipping about Student Council activities, 1928

Invitation to a dance with proceeds going to furnish the Student   Council  Room

Clipping about Student Council Activities

Invitation to Student Council Promenade, 1928

Scrapbook Number 5 - 1928-1931

Invitation to Student Council Promenade, 1930

Newspaper clipping about Student Council Election

Newspaper clipping about officers of the Student Council (2)

Invitation and dance card to the Student Council Promenade, 1932

Newspaper clipping about Student Council Promenade, 1932 (?)

Invitation to a “Get Acquainted Party” 1932

Scrapbook Number 8

Invitation to Miss Pratt (Librarian) from Student Council Treasurer to Halloween Masquerade, 1932 (?)

Program from Student Council Promenade, 1933

Invitation to Miss Pratt for Student Council Prom, 1934

Newspaper clipping, 1934 (Hospitality for Student Council Prom)

Newspaper clipping, 1934 (Student Council Prom)

Invitation to Miss Pratt for Student Council Prom, 1935

Program for Student Council Prom, 1935

Newspaper clipping, 1935 (Student Council Prom)

Scrapbook Number 10 - Training School Clippings, 1935-1940

Scrapbook Number 11 - 1936-1946

AFT (American Federation of Teachers) Local 2167 Newsletter Jan.,    1971 - Dec. 1973 (some Student Senate Bulletins, minutes and various memos)

 American Association of University Professors (A.A.U.P.) 1970 (Some Student Senate minutes)

 ACC Fall 1990 - Sp. 91 (All College Committee) (some correspondence)

 Faculty Papers 1990's (some correspondence)

Letters to the Faculty 1980's (some correspondence)

Non-Official Notices to Campus (most fac.) 1960's 1970's (correspondence, notice)

Salvidio 9/79 - 1/86 (some correspondence)

Memorandum 1972 - 1973, Harry Becker (some correspondence)

College Bulletins 1972-1973 (press release, some correspondence, Student Senate Bulletin number 1)

Memorandum (1975-1977) - Sept. 1973 - 1978, Randolph

Newspaper Clippings - Robert L. Randolph

Newspaper Clippings - Robert L. Randolph

Pilecki - January 1979 - January 1986

(Various Documents) (correspondence regarding faculty strike in 1970’s)

Inaugural Planning Committee – Buchen

Thank you to Irving Buchen from Student Senate

Photograph of Student Senate standing on Ely front steps

Correspondence about abolishing physical education requirement 1972.

Westfield State College 150th Anniversary and President Vicky Carwein - Installation, 2004 (Student Senate award to commend and thank the Westfield State College Board of Trustees for outstanding service

given to the students. April 28, 1987)

Thank you to Westfield State College Board of Trustees from the Westfield State College Student Senate, 1985-1986

Trustee Minutes, Agendas, etc. May 1990 (Student Senate Minutes, 1988 (one copy), Student Life Committee agenda, May 7, 1990, voting results )


Karen Canary

June 7, 2012

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