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Faculty QuickStart Guide: Streaming Video Collections

Directions for some of the most common library-related tasks

Streaming Video Collections- Updates for Fall 2023

Our unlimited access streaming collections include Films on Demand,, JoVE, Metropolitan Opera Online, and Counseling & Therapy in Video, as well as any video found within ProQuest or EBSCOHost databases.

Kanopy Streaming Media incurs a $150 charge per video for one year of access, and there is a limited budget for the resource. If you choose to use a Kanopy video in your class, you will need to request it every year. The fastest way to request a film is to fill out the request form from within the Kanopy website. Requests should be made at least 5 business days in advance, as it may take several days to process the request. The library will not automatically renew licenses on the Kanopy platform and will not purchase films licenses based on student request. Kanopy videos are not available by searching the library's catalog; they must be searched directly on the Kanopy website. 

JoVE Science: For the Fall 2023 semester, the library is trialing JoVE Education, which brings together instructional content from many disciplines including biology, neurobiology, health sciences, chemistry, and more.  

Films on Demand

Kanopy Streaming Video

The Kanopy platform provides access to hundreds of educational videos and feature films through a pay-as-you-go model. Ely Library has a set budget for this service.

Ely Library provides Kanopy video access by faculty request only. This so that the library can provide videos that support faculty teaching while controlling costs and ensuring that access to videos is not shut down abruptly. 

  • The library posts updated lists of existing Kanopy video licenses to the Streaming Media LibGuide: . This list will include the video’s title, a link to access, and the expiration date. 
  • To access a licensed film beyond the expiration date listed on the Streaming Video LibGuide, send an e-mail to Becca Brody at, indicating which film should be extended. If you will not need the film until a month or more after the expiration, see the next bullet. 
  • For currently unlicensed films, faculty will need to fill out the request form on the Kanopy website for the film 1-2 weeks before the film is needed.  
  • The library will only license films by faculty request. Student requests will be declined with a note to contact their professor.  
  • The library sets a budget for Kanopy Streaming and, if demand outstrips the budget, we may not be able to accommodate all requests. 


**If you use Kanopy videos in your classes, you will need to ensure a license is active before assigning videos to students or screening them in class. Ely Library cannot guarantee same-day access to expired videos.

JoVE Education

JoVe is now organized into two packages: Research, focused on experiments using new methods and technologies, and Education, focused on more basic STEM concepts and methods. Westfield has access to all of the content in the Education package, including Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, Environmental Science, Physics, Engineering, and Clinical Skills.  In addition, Westfield has access to Research content for the Biological and Medical/Clinical Sciences. JoVE is updated with new content throughout the year.

We have access to two collections.

Met Opera On Demand

Alexander Street Press Therapy Video Collections

ProQuest Multimedia

Some ProQuest Databases include both audio and video content, including podcasts and excerpts from news and educational programming.

Select "Videos & Audio" on the Basic Search screen, or select "Source Type: Audio & Video Works" from the Advanced Search screen to locate this content.

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