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Ely Library at Westfield State University

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Faculty QuickStart Guide

Directions for some of the most common library-related tasks

Announcement: EZproxy prefix change

As of January 31, 2024, Ely Library has a new off-campus authentication service provider.

Direct links to articles, journals, eBooks, databases, streaming content, and other resources licensed by Ely Library with the prefix will no longer connect from off-campus. 

What is an EZproxy prefix? The EZproxy prefix appears in the URL of a direct link to articles, eBooks, and other resources licensed by Ely Library. Although it is called a "prefix" it does not always appear at the beginning of the URL. When the link is clicked on, the EZproxy prefix opens a login screen so the resource can be access from off-campus.

  • The OLD prefix is
  • The NEW prefix is

What do you need to do?
Check your links to library materials, such as links posted in PLATO, to ensure that they connect to the right resource, especially if you are duplicating course material from previous years. Links should include the NEW prefix. Although it is called a "prefix" it does not always appear at the beginning of the URL. After updating a link, we strongly recommend clicking on it to make sure that it is working as expected. Please do not add a prefix to any URLs that currently do not have a prefix.

Questions or need help making changes? We are here to help! Please do not hesitate to contact the library for assistance.

Option 1: Create a new link from the library's website

As of January 2, 2024, links generated by the library's AZ Database list, Journal Titles AZ, and from Ely Library's QuickSearch are using the new EZproxy configuration, and do not require additional modification.

In order to create a new link:

  1. Go to the AZ Databases list, Journal Titles A-Z or where you had originally found the resource.
  2. Conduct a search to find the resource again.
  3. Copy and paste the new Database URL/permalink into your course and/or course materials.
  4. Save the changes in your document, PLATO, etc.

This option will work for all resources, no exceptions.

Option 2: Manually replace the old prefix with the new prefix

To manually update a link, you can replace the old EZproxy prefix with the new one to regain access.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to update the EZproxy prefix using a JSTOR link as an example, but the same concept will work across links using a proxy prefix.

  1. Locate the link that you would like to update
  2. Erase the first part of the Permalink URL. If your link is using our old prefix it will start with:
  3. Replace the red bolded part of the link with the new EZproxy prefix provided in bolded green text below:
  4. Your new link with the updated URL should now look like:
  5. Save the changes in your document, PLATO, etc.

This option will work for many of the library's resources with several exceptions.

The following exceptions must use Option 1: Create a new link from the library's website, as the entire URL has changed.


  • All Gale Databases
  • Britannica Library
  • Britannica Moderna (en español)
  • Brtiannica Reference Center
  • Children's Literature Comprehensive Database
  • HeritageQuest
  • NewsBank - Western MA Newspapers
  • ProQuest Science Database
  • Republican (Springfield)
  • Research Companion (ProQuest)
  • Transparent Languages for Libraries

Significant Database Name Changes

The following databases have undergone significant name changes, and has been updated on the library's AZ list.

The old names will remain on the library's AZ list as an "alternate name" to help reduce potential for confusion.

  • Banking Information Source changed to: Accounting, Tax, & Banking Collection
  • Business and Theory changed to: Economics & Theory
  • PILOTS (Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress) changed to: PTSDPubs
  • ProQuest European Business changed to: ProQuest Asian and European Business Collection
  • ProQuest Family Health changed to: ProQuest Consumer Health Collection
  • ProQuest Health Management changed to: ProQuest Healthcare Administration
  • ProQuest Psychology Journals changed to: ProQuest Psychology
  • ProQuest Science Journals changed to: ProQuest Science
  • Snapshot Series changed to: Business Market Research Collection
  • OCLC WorldCat™  Database changed to: OCLC FirstSearch

Combined Databases
ProQuest National Newspapers Premier AND ProQuest Newsstand have been combined into one product by ProQuest.

These combined databases are now called: ProQuest U.S. Newsstream

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