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Ely Library at Westfield State University

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About the Library: User Privileges & Responsibilities

User Privileges and Responsibilities

The Library is a community of shared resources: books, computers, study space and more. Help us make it work for everyone!

Library users can expect:

Library users have the obligation to:

Courteous assistance from library staff in locating and using library resources

Interact courteously with other users and library staff

Equitable access to shared resources

Return library materials on time, renew them, or pay for replacement

A research and study environment free of harassment

Be respectful of others and the diversity of our academic community

Uncensored access to the internet and library resources

Maintain a harassment-free environment by not displaying offensive images on library computers, unless necessary for academic purposes

Privacy in their use of Library resources, services, and computers*

Log out of computers when finished, and keep passwords and other personal data secured.

A safe and secure library

Do not leave portable devices or other personal belongings unattended. Report any suspicious activity or dangerous conditions to library staff

A clean and healthy study and research environment

Keep the library clean by discarding trash and cleaning up after use

To be able to bring children into the Library

Supervise their children at all times for their safety, and to maintain an appropriate study and research environment

Physical access to library materials

Arrange with library staff to retrieve materials that are not readily accessible

Functional and clean computers and equipment

Keep drinks in covered containers and not eat greasy food while using computers. Use equipment gently.

“Fair use” of copyrighted material

Adhere to copyright laws and respect the rights of authors, composers, and artists

Work undisturbed by unnecessary distractions

Not disturb other library users through the use of cellphones, media devices, or by soliciting for events or sales

Library materials that are in good condition

Keep borrowed items clean and safe, and return all parts of multiple-part materials

* Student information is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Under provisions and restrictions of the USA PATRIOT Act, law enforcement officials may subpoena library records under certain circumstances.

577 Western Ave, Westfield, MA 01086

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