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Psychology: 5) Capturing Content

How do I get the full text of the article?

There are two basic scenarios that are possible when working in PsycINFO:

Scenario 1: The article is available as a full text within PsycINFO

When this is the case, you'll see an option to click on a pdf or html version of the article. When it is available, you should choose pdf to make sure the item is exactly as it appeared in print. 

Scenario 2: The article is not available as full text in this database.

When this is the case, you will see the option to "Search for full text" this will prompt the computer to search the other databases that the library subscribes to and try to find this article in full text.


I've searched for the full text but I get a strange screen?

Unfortunately, we don't have every article ever published in our collection. If you see a screen like the one below, it means that we don't own the item you are looking for in full text. However, we can always order items that you need using interlibrary loan. 

How do I use interlibrary loan?

It's best to have a separate tab open with the interlibrary loan page up. That way you can switch between tabs as you're doing your research. 

The interlibrary loan request form is available from the library homepage, the services dropdown, and then interlibrary loan 

There are separate forms to request articles and books, so make sure you select the right form. There are no fees for using interlibrary loan and no limit to the number of requests that you can make. Articles will be emailed to your WSU email as a pdf


To fill out the form, you'll need to enter your contact information and then copy and paste the citation information from the article that you want. 

If the article is full text, how do I save it for later?

Databases sometimes look a little different, but all of them have most of the same basic features to print, save, and email an article. Most will also include some way to generate a citation. 

In PsycINFO, the capture items live on the right hand side of the page. 

Which option is best for me?

The options you are most likely to use are:

Google Drive: If you have a Google account and are logged in, this option will send your content to your Google Drive.

Add to Folder: You should only use this option if you've created an account in PscyINFO and are logged in. There is no way to retrieve information in a folder if you are not in your account.

Print/Save: You always have the option of printing a hard copy or saving it to your own device. If you're looking at a pdf version, you should use the printer or save icon built into the viewer and not the right hand side icon.

Email: You can email sources to any email that you wish. You can also select to email yourself a copy of the citation in any format that you so choose. 

Permalink: If you are going to send yourself a link or save a link for later, you must use the permalink option and not copy and paste from the address bar. Address bar links include session information that will make the link unusable after a certain amount of time. 

Printing/Saving PDF

As mentioned above, if you are working with a PDF and you want to Save or Print, you must use the options built into the PDF reader instead of the ones provided by PsycINFO.

What do I select to email an article?

Once you select the email option, a small form will appear. You need to enter your email address (does not have to be WSU) into the "Email To" field. If you so choose, you can add information into the subject line. If you wish to send the citation as well, you should select the appropriate style from the drop down.

**These citations are computer generated and should be checked for accuracy**

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