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PLATO Instructions for Uploading Library Content

Use these instructions to insert select Information Literacy Modules into your PLATO courses.

1) Getting Started

  • Login to PLATO
  • Make Sure Edit Mode is On
  • Select  the Appropriate Course

2) Click on the Appropriate Week or Other Content Area

3) Hover over the 'Build Content' button, and select the option 'Content Package (SCORM)'. If you do not see an option for "Content Package (SCORM), please follow the instructions at the bottom of this webpage labeled "Enabling SCORM Packages in PLATO". 

4) Click on ‘Browse the Content Collection’

5) Hover over the 'Browse' at the top left, and select 'Library Content'.

6) Click the Library Content folder

7) Select the radio button for the tutorials, and click Submit.

8) Click Submit Again

9) Set Information

  • Title will preset to file name, change if desired.
  • Add any additional information in description box.

10) Set the Course Availability

  • (1)To make the tutorial available to students select the Yes option
  • (2)By default, the number of attempts is set to 1 and can be changed to several attempts
  • (3)You can select the dates/time the tutorial is available to students
  • (4)You can track the number of student views inside Plate by selecting Yes

11) Set Grading Preferences

  • (1)The tutorial file can be graded or not.  If the tutorial is graded, then enter in the points possible
  • (2)Option to set up/enter due date of tutorial
  • (3)To fully create a grade center column, select the Yes option for Grade SCOS for the title (points will populate from the first step) & add grade center column
  • (4)If allowing multiple attempts (from step 10-2) set Grade Timing for Last SCORM Attempt, otherwise use first option (When SCORM is completed, display score in Grade Center).
  • (5)When finished, click on the Submit button

12) See Success Message

13) Re-Order Content on Page if Desired


Enabling Scorm Packages in PLATO

If you do not see the option for SCORM Packages in the "Build Content" function, you need to enable SCORM reports in your PLATO course. Please follow these steps:

  • In the left-hand toolbar (Course Management - Control Panel), at the bottom click the link for "Customization"
  • Click the link for "Tool Availability"
  • You will see in the main screen a list of tools along with corresponding check-boxes
  • Scroll down to SCORM Reports, and check the box under "Available"
  • Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page
  • When you return to your "Build Content" function, you should now see the option to "Create" a "Content Package (SCORM)
  • If you need further assistance with this, please contact CIT (x8130)

577 Western Ave, Westfield, MA 01086

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