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NECHE23: Areas of Special Emphasis


In the 2017 Report Letter from NEASC (NECHE), the following areas were identified as being of special emphasis, to be addressed in addition to the information in the rest of the self study:

  • PLANNING AND EVALUATION- "Implementing its Strategic Plan"
  • THE ACADEMIC PROGRAM- "Assessing its Common Core program"
  • STUDENTS & EDUCATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS- "Narrowing the student success 'achievement gap' "
  • INSTITUTIONAL RESOURCES- "Developing and implementing plans to address deferral maintenance"

The supporting evidence in the boxes below will address these areas.


From 7/11/2017 NEASC Response to the 5-year Report from Westfield State:

"Link data from the Student Success Dashboard to the Starfish Retention Center to provide students with rapid intervention, using targeted resources to support their success"

Supporting Evidence:



From 7/11/2017 NEASC Response to the 5-year report from Westfield State. 

"…deferred maintenance remains a “significant and complex issue”.  We understand the University is developing a multi-year capital plan that will include steps to reduce deferred maintenance and we anticipate being appraised in the Spring 2022 self-study of the University’s success in this matter as evidence that WSU “devotes sufficient resources to maintain and enhance its information, physical and technological resources “

Supporting Evidence:

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