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NECHE23: Standard Five


Workroom resources are located in the left column below, categorized by the Standard Five subheadings. The full self-study is below on the right, followed by the standard itself


Recruitment and Application Data

Day Admission File Review Criteria

Student Services and Co-curricular Experiences

Student Services

Co-Curricular Activities

Postgraduate Data

Westfield State Experience

See standard 4 workroom page for Westfield State Experience (WSE) documents


Consistent with its mission, the institution sets and achieves realistic goals to enroll students who are broadly representative of the population the institution wishes to serve.  The institution addresses its own goals for the achievement of diversity, equity, and inclusion among its students and provides a safe environment that fosters the intellectual and personal development of its students.  It endeavors to ensure the success of its students, offering the resources and services that provide them the opportunity to achieve the goals of their educational program as specified in institutional publications.  The institution’s interactions with students and prospective students are characterized by integrity and equity.


5.1  The institution that enrolls multiple student bodies, by degree level, modality, location, or other variables, ensures that it meets the expectations set forth in this Standard for each of its student bodies.


5.2  Consistent with its mission, the institution describes the characteristics of the students it seeks to serve.  This description informs recruitment and admissions activities and the academic and other support programs and services available to students. (See also 9.18)

5.3  The institution has an orderly and ethical program of recruitment and admission that complies with the requirements of legislation concerning equality of educational opportunity.  Its admission and retention policies and procedures are clear, consistent with its mission and purposes, and available to all students and prospective students in appropriate printed and digital institutional publications.  The institution ensures the integrity of its admissions standards and processes through regular evaluation. (See also 9.18)

5.4  Standards for admission ensure that student qualifications and expectations are compatible with institutional objectives.  Individuals admitted demonstrate through their intellectual and personal qualifications a reasonable potential for success in the programs to which they are admitted.  If the institution recruits and admits individuals with identified needs that must be addressed to assure their likely academic success, it applies appropriate mechanisms to address those needs so as to provide reasonable opportunities for that success.  Such mechanisms receive sufficient support and are adequate to the needs of those admitted.  The institution endeavors to integrate specifically recruited populations into the larger student body and to assure that they have comparable academic experiences.

5.5 The institution utilizes appropriate methods of evaluation to assess student readiness for collegiate study and provides services sufficient to serve the needs of students admitted.

5.6  The institution demonstrates its ability to admit students who can be successful in the institution’s academic program, including specifically recruited populations.  The institution’s goals for retention and graduation reflect institutional purposes, and the results are used to inform recruitment and the review of programs and services. (See also 8.6)

Student Services and Co-Curricular Experiences

5.7  The institution ensures a systematic approach to providing accessible and effective programs and services designed to provide opportunities for enrolled students to be successful in achieving their educational goals.  The institution provides students with information and guidance regarding opportunities and experiences that may help ensure their educational success.

5.8  The institution systematically identifies the characteristics and needs of its student population and then makes provision for responding to them.  The institution’s student services are guided by a philosophy that reflects the institution’s mission and special character, is circulated widely and reviewed periodically, and provides the basis on which services to students can be evaluated. (See also 8.4)

5.9  The institution offers an array of student services, including physical and mental health services, appropriate to its mission and the needs and goals of its students.  It recognizes the variations in services that are appropriate for residential students, at the main campus, at off-campus locations, and for distance education programs as well as the differences in circumstances and goals of students pursuing degrees. (See also 4.46)

5.10  The institution provides advising and academic support services appropriate to the student body.  The institution’s faculty and professional staff collectively have sufficient interaction with students outside of class to promote students’ academic achievement and provide academic and career guidance.

5.11  A clear description of the nature, extent, and availability of student services is readily available to students and prospective students.  Newly enrolled students are provided with an orientation that includes information on student services as well as a focus on academic opportunities, expectations, and support services.

5.12  In providing services, in accordance with its mission and purposes, the institution adheres to both the spirit and intent of equal opportunity and its own goals for diversity, equity, and inclusion. (See also 9.5)

5.13  Student financial aid is provided through a well-organized program.  Awards are based on the equitable application of clear and publicized criteria.

5.14  Through a systematic program, the institution regularly provides students before borrowing with clear and timely information about cost, debt, and repayment. (See also 9.23)

5.15  As appropriate, the institution provides co-curricular activities and supports opportunities for student leadership and participation in campus organizations and governance.

5.16  If the institution offers recreational and athletic programs, they are subordinate to the educational program and conducted in a manner that adheres to institutional mission, sound educational policy, and standards of integrity.  The institution is responsible for the control of these programs, including their financial aspects.  The institution maintains the same academic expectations for and affords the same academic opportunities to student athletes as other students.

5.17  The institution ensures that individuals responsible for student services are qualified by formal training and work experience and organizationally placed to represent and address the needs of students effectively.  Personnel, facilities, technology, and funding are adequate to implement the institution’s student services policies and procedures.

5.18  The institution has identified, published widely, and implemented an appropriate set of clearly stated ethical standards to guide student services.  Policies on student rights and responsibilities, including student conduct and grievance procedures, are clearly stated, well publicized and readily available, and fairly and consistently administered.

5.19  Following regulatory guidance, the institution has publicly available policies regarding the kinds of information that will be included in the permanent academic record of students as well as policies regarding the retention, safety and security, and disposal of records.  Its information-release policies respect the rights of individual privacy, the confidentiality of records, and the best interests of students and the institution.

5.20  Through a program of regular and systematic evaluation, the institution assesses the effectiveness of its efforts to achieve an equitable educational experience for all of its students and the appropriateness and effectiveness of its student services to advance institutional purposes.  Information obtained through this evaluation is used to revise these efforts and services and improve their achievement. (See also 8.4)

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