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NECHE23: Visiting Team


The entire Westfield State University community welcomes you to our beautiful campus. We hope you have a productive and enjoyable visit. We appreciate you contributing your valuable time and extensive expertise to helping us make Westfield State the best it can be for our students and the Commonwealth. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information provided.

Westfield State University Self-Study

Full self-study (pdf document)

Need Help?

  • Technology support [name and cell number]
  • Administrative assistance [name and cell number]
  • Contact info: NECHE Team and University Leadership [link to printable pdf]
  • Visiting team schedule [link to printable pdf]
  • Hotel information [link to printable pdf]

Navigation Guide

The tabs above will take you to information for each standard, including the NECHE standard, an extract of that section of the the self-study, and resource documents for that standard. Following the standards are the Areas of Special Emphasis which also include extracts of those sections of the full report. The report appendices, Digital Workroom documents, and information on our people and process are also presented.

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