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Ely Library at Westfield State University

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Using Ely's VR Headsets: Home

A guide to installing VR apps and using the headsets available from Ely Library.

Basic Information for using Virtual Reality Headsets

Q. What do I need to get started?

A. You will need to check out a VR headset from the main desk at the library. You will also need your smartphone and, ideally, a set of headphones (though your phone speakers will also work). The headsets will work with most smartphones with a screen size of up to 6 inches.

Q. How do I view a VR app?

A. You will need to download an app from your app store (Google Play or the iOS App Store). A good place to start is the Google Cardboard App- or check out the "Apps to try" tab of this guide. Then you place the phone in the viewer and play the app.

Q. Will I be able to "move" in the virtual reality environment?

A. These headsets are designed to let you look around (up down, turn around) but you cannot move forward or backward.

Q. Using the headset makes me feel dizzy- what can I do to stop this?

A. Some people recommend holding the headset to your face instead of wearing the head strap. This forces you to turn your head more slowly, which can reduce the feeling of motion sickness.


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