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Welcome to MCCLPHEI: Committees


Academic Year 2020-2021

Executive Committee:

President: Jess Mynes
Vice President/President Elect: Regina Fisher Raboin
Secretary: Mary Dixey
Treasurer: Timothy Rivard
Past President: Elizabeth McKeigue
Members at Large:
    Matt Bejune
    Susan Berteaux
    Donna Maturi

Communications Committee: Emily Alling, chair; Mary Dixey, Elizabeth McKeigue, Tom Raffensperger 

Conference Committee: Regina Fisher Raboin, chair; Donna Maturi, Jess Mynes

Staff development committee: Rachel Resnik, chair; Emily Alling, Cary Morse, Erika Eynouf

Data & Assessment Committee: Jackie Kremer, chair; Richard Felver, Joanne Riley, Rex Krajewski, Millie Gonzalez

E-resources Committee: Bill Hoag, chair; Susan Berteaux, Rex Krajewski, Tim Rivard

Planning Committee: Matt Bejune, chair; Michael Hearn, Mike Somers

577 Western Ave, Westfield, MA 01086

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