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MCCLPHEI, Inc. (mac-el-fey) is a non-profit organization comprised of the library directors from the Commonwealth's thirty public college and university campuses, including the schools of Law and Medicine. Together we serve 260,000 students and steward over $35 million in library resources each year.

The organization originated in 1968 as an informal advisory group to the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education for the purpose of coordinating the expenditure funds for a six-year Books for College Libraries project.

Since 1974, MCCLPHEI has become an advocacy group for library funding and collaborates on negotiation and purchasing of digital resources to realize significant savings for member libraries. In 2007, the organization applied for non-profit educational agency status, which was awarded through the Secretary of State's office. We officially changed our name to "MCCLPHEI, Inc." in 2008.

MCCLPHEI's mission is to provide collective advocacy and education for strong fiscal resources to serve the information needs of our users, and to advance the intellectual, cultural, and economic opportunities for our students, faculty, and all other citizens of the Commonwealth.

577 Western Ave, Westfield, MA 01086

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